Interactive Market Reports
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SunStats: Our Most Powerful Real Estate Market Research Tool Yet

All the real estate metrics, charts, and data you need to master your market — branded to YOUR business and accessible on desktop, laptop, and mobile.

As a Realtor, knowing your local market and being able to share the latest local data trends is key to your business. And, Florida Realtors has created interactive data tool – SunStats – to help members do just that through this robust, user-friendly resource.

Moving to an interactive, web-based platform means a range of new capabilities, including mobile responsiveness.

Click here to launch SunStats (password required)

The SunStats tool features three main components: a dashboard, a chart builder, and infographic creator.


The Dashboard welcomes users with an at-a-glance table with the latest market information. Metrics for the current period, last year, a year-over-year comparison, and a 12-month trendline are presented with the Dashboard. Users can customize their geographic area and property type to have the statistics they need at their fingertips.

Chart Builder

The Chart Builder allows users to visualize the data in a chart and see the last year’s worth of information in a table. Users can select the

geographic area, property type, metric, reporting period (monthly, quarterly, annual), price tier and more.

Users can go beyond one statistic by using the “Compare By” filter. Up to four geographic areas, property types, metrics, price tiers, or sale types can be displayed on a single graph.

Users can take the data out of SunStats. The chart can be downloaded as an image with or without branding. This feature allows users to share on social media, add the image to marketing materials, email charts to clients and more. Users can retrieve historical information through CSV/Excel.

Infographic Creator

The Infographic Creator lets users create a colorful and impactful visual of the latest market metrics for their geographic area. Users can choose to present a single property type or display Single-Family Home and Townhouse and Condo metrics on the image. With direct sharing to social media, users can grab clients’ attention and generate clicks to their page.

In the works

As SunStats evolves, additional components like a report generator and a heat map will be created to provide users with other interactive ways to explore the metrics. 

Need help with SunStats? Call Florida Realtors Tech Helpline for assistance at 407.587.1450.