Board of Directors

Minutes of Florida Realtors Board of Directors Meeting, August 2019

The Annual Business Meeting of the board of directors was held on Aug. 25, 2019, in Orlando at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

The meeting was called to order by President Eric Sain at 9:04 AM.

Vince Prince provided the invocation. Frank Gregoire led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Attendance/approval of minutes

Secretary Mike McGraw reported 574 members in attendance, attendance records will be kept at Florida Realtors. Prior to election, an update in attendance reported 615 members in attendance.

Secretary McGraw also reported that the January 26, 2019 meeting minutes were previously approved by the Leadership Team.  This is in accordance with Florida Realtors’ current procedure, in compliance with Robert’s Rules, which states that when more than a quarterly time interval exists between meetings – and further when there is a change in the membership – the minutes should be approved by a committee appointed for the purpose of approving the minutes, in Florida Realtors’ case, the Leadership Team.

Reports of officers 

President Sain, and Chief Executive Officer Margy Grant, presented the State of the Association” Report.

Treasurer Christina Pappas presented the July 2019 Membership Report and the July 2019 Financial Status Report.

Amendments to the Florida Realtors bylaws and general policies

Secretary McGraw introduced amendments to the Florida Realtors Bylaws and General Policies for which previous notice had been given …

Bylaw Amendment #1 was adopted by the board of directors as amended.

This amended Bylaws Article II. Membership, Section 1 Classes Members by:

Inserting, Florida Realtors® Emeritus, and re-labeling.

The board adopted by general consent to strike the Builder/Developer Affiliate Member and re-label the lettering and striking eleven classes of membership and inserting ten.

Bylaws Amendment #2 was adopted by the board of directors

This amended Article II. Membership Section 2. Definition of Classes by adding G. Florida Realtors® Emeritus and inserting

Any member who has been designated as a Florida Realtors® Emeritus by Florida Realtors. A member who has been designated by the National Association of Realtors® as a Realtor® Emeritus, shall be designated as a Florida Realtors® Emeritus.  Additionally, a REALTOR® member who has held membership in Florida Realtors® for a cumulative period of forty (40) years and who has completed at least one (1) year of service as a Florida officer, director, committee member or Presidential Advisory Group appointee, shall be designated as a Florida Realtors® Emeritus. Members designated as Realtor® Emeritus by NAR and/or Florida Realtors® Emeritus shall be exempt from Florida dues and assessments.”

“Florida Realtors® Emeritus are not exempt from biennial NAR Code of Ethics Training course, unless also designated by NAR as a Realtor Emeritus®”.

General Policies Amendment #3 was adopted by the board of directors

This amended Section 2.3 by inserting A and inserting section (B) by adding a new sentence “In the event there are no state allocated NAR Directors to be elected due to current terms being filled, then the NAR Strategy Committee shall present to the Board of Directors a list of the most qualified alternates with recommended terms to fill any occurring vacancies in the event of a resignation(s) of a NAR Directors.”

Election of officers

The President presented the Elections Committee and the Election Rules as passed in January for ratification. Credentials Committee Chairman Christine Hansen placed the following 2020 eligible candidates for consideration by the board of directors:


Vice President:          Christina Pappas                 
Mike McGraw                      

Secretary:                   Gia Arvin, Lynette Hendricks, Veronica Malolos    

There were no nominations from the floor; candidates presented for the office of Vice President and Treasurer were elected by voice vote.

The Elections Committee reported the following eligible candidate elected for Secretary: Gia Arvin

NAR Strategy Committee Chairman Pat Fitzgerald presented the following slate for NAR Director Alternates.

  1. Andrew Barbar
  2. Marilyn Pearson Adams
  3. Stacy Stahl
  4. Christian Bohyn

The slate of NAR Directors Alternates was elected by voice vote, respectively.

Committee reports - action items

Finance Committee - Treasurer Christina Pappas

A motion was adopted by the board of directors to amend the approved 2020 budget.

Standing Committees

A motion made on behalf of the President Elect Barry Grooms was adopted to approve the following Florida Realtors Standing Committees for 2020: Building, Communications, Convention, Emerging Technology, Florida Realtors PAC Trustees, Global Business, Leadership Academy, Professional Development, Top Brokers, and Young Professionals Network Advisory.


Florida Realtors Education Foundation Chair Gia Arvin provided an update. Over the past 10 years, Florida Realtors has awarded a total of $1.55 million in student scholarships to 1,058 young people across Florida to help pay for their higher educational expenses and realize their dreams for the future. Combined with the state association’s previous scholarship essay contest, it means Florida Realtors has given out more than $2 million over the past 20 years in student scholarships.

Florida Realtors “Support Homeownership for All” Trustee Mike Dooley provided an update. Since the bill creating Florida Realtors’ specialty license plate, “Support Homeownership for All,” was signed into law by then-Governor Jeb Bush in 2006, sales of the license plate have raised more than $1 million for affordable housing programs across Florida.

Florida Realtors Silent Angels Trustee Mike McGraw provided an update. Due to the generosity of one of our local associations, there will be a dollar for dollar match for Silent Angels donations earned at the board up to $5,000.

Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund Chairman Glenn East provided an update. The Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund was created to help Realtors, real estate brokerage staff, local boards/associations, their staff and other members of the Realtor family cope with recovery and rebuilding efforts following a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster. Disaster Relief provided nearly $400,000 in grants to help victims of Hurricane Irma and more than $1.2 million dollars to help victims of Hurricane Michael.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:28 AM