View Eligible Candidates for 2024 Florida Realtors Leadership

See who's running for a leadership position within the association. Elections will take place during the Florida Realtors Annual Conference in August.

Notice of 2024 Eligible Candidates for Elected Office

Per the Florida Realtors General Policies, Section 3.7 (A), the Credentials Committee reviews applications for elected office to determine if an applicant meets the mandatory qualifications for the respective position.  An eligible candidate may officially announce his/her candidacy and begin campaign activities immediately following the posting of their name on the Florida Realtors website.  The following is a list of Eligible Candidates as of Tuesday, May 16, 2023.


Vice President - Charles Bonfiglio, Jr.

Treasurer - Jorge Guerra, Jr.

*Secretary - Cynthia Birge

*Secretary - Jeffrey Levine

District Vice President
District 1 – Susan McQuillan
District 2 – Alisa Rogers
District 3 – Andrew Harper
District 4 – Daniel Guerra
District 5 – John Martin
District 6 – Ruth Bryson
District 7 - Silvia Dukes
District 8 – Danielle Galvin
District 9 – Amy Mullins
District 10 – Brent Morse
District 11 – Christopher Krzemien
*District 12 – Lisa Hill
*District 12 - Tansey Soderstrom
District 13 – James Mulvey

*Multiple candidates running for this office.

NAR Allocated Director 

  1. Hollie Billero Buldo
  2. Paul Cohen
  3. Ann DeFries
  4. Rory Dubin
  5. David Dweck
  6. Katherine Figueroa
  7. Rick Fioretti
  8. Jaime Flasterstein
  9. Diana Galavis
  10. Kathleen Gallagher McIver
  11. Melissa Goldman
  12. Carlos Gutierrez
  13. Jason Jakus
  14. Milagros Kanyar
  15. Dan Lopez
  16. Jarrod Lowe
  17. Cindy Marsh - Tichy
  18. Stas Matias
  19. Sherri Meadows
  20. Bonnie Metviner
  21. James Mulvey
  22. Lou Nimkoff
  23. Roberta Odom
  24. Robin Raiff
  25. Alisa Rogers
  26. Trisha Roy
  27. Robin Schwartz
  28. Christel Silver
  29. Dairell Snapp
  30. Stacy Stahl
  31. Heather Swanson
  32. Patricia Weeks
  33. Maria Wells
  34. Zsolt Szerencses


Position descriptions

Vice President > The vice president assists the president with duties assigned from time to time and performs the president’s duties in his/her absence.  

     Committees this position serves on: Executive, Finance and Strategic Planning

Treasurer > The treasurer supervises the association’s financial affairs and reports on the financial condition of this association from time to time as may be required by the president, the executive vice president, the finance committee or the board of directors.

     Committees this position serves on: Executive, Strategic Planning, Audit, Investment and Treasury Management, and chair Finance.

Secretary > The secretary supervises the keeping of records of the proceedings and meetings, perform other limited duties as required and assume some responsibilities of the president and president-elect in their absence.  Additional duties may include assisting in CEO Symposium and Leadership Orientation; meeting with committee chairs to convey recommendations; helping coordinate committee information, and visiting district caucuses.  

     Committees this position serves on: Executive, Finance and Strategic Planning

District Vice President > Each district vice president serves as an officer of this association for his/her district; acts in an advisory capacity to the member boards/associations in his/her district; and frequently visits said boards/associations.  

     Committees this position serves on: District Vice President Info Exchange and Executive

National Director > These individuals shall serve as directors-at-large and represent the interests of all members at the national level. 

Questions?  Please contact Idis Rivera, Florida Realtors/Governance Programs Manager at idisr@floridarealtors.org.