Key Contact Application

Apply to become a Key Contact

Key Contacts make up our most critical advocacy team, opening the door and leading the way, serving as the direct contact to their personally assigned state legislator.

If selected, you will serve as the voice of Realtor issues at Great American Realtor Days, and all year long, for a two-year term. 

Whether you have been a Key Contact for many years, or just entering the program for the first time, the personal relationship you develop and maintain with your legislator is crucial in advancing our agenda.

Florida Realtors Key Contacts are required to complete an online field report at least twice a year, but we ask that you complete a report after each interaction with your assigned legislator or staff.

Filing a field report after each meeting alerts Florida Realtors' PAC staff that the meeting occurred and that a follow-up communication strategy may be required.

For more information, contact Amy Glover at

Required duties of Key Contacts:

  • Serve a full two-year term
  • Attend Key Contact Training at the Mid-Winter Meeting in Orlando
  • Attend Great American Realtor Days (GARD) in Tallahassee
  • Respond to all NAR and Florida Realtors® Calls for Action
  • Understand the state legislative issues important to REALTORS® and advocate for the REALTOR® Party
  • Interact with assigned legislator regarding REALTOR® legislative priorities
  • File field reports on a semiannual basis
  • Work with local association to deliver RPAC checks in a timely manner

Legislator's Information

Your Contact Information


Additional Information

Are you registered to vote in Florida?
Do you live in the legislator’s district?
Are there other boards/associations in this legislator’s district other than your own?
Did you personally contribute to or volunteer on the legislator’s most recent campaign?
Are you an RPAC investor?
If yes, are you an RPAC Major Investor?
Have you ever served as a Federal Political Coordinator or Key Contact?

Declaration by Applicant

By typing my name below, I pledge to uphold the duties and responsibilities of my position to the best of my ability, engage in all required activities, and represent Florida Realtors® professionally. I agree that individuals and/or entities listed above, including my local Association of Realtors® may be contacted to verify the information contained in this application.