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14 Smart & Easy Marketing Strategies for the New Realtor

You’re putting yourself on the market — here’s a look at how to build a name for yourself so you can build your business.

When Jenilyn Martinez was a new real estate professional in 2014, she needed to jumpstart her business. Martinez, with Real Estate Sales Force in Coral Gables, tapped into the power of videos and social media.

She regularly posted walk-through listing videos and “value videos” (buyer/seller tips) on social media. After seeing those 30-second videos on Facebook, a friend reached out about a property he wanted to sell. In a few weeks, she listed it for him.

Thanks to effective and low-cost marketing like this, Martinez went from learning the ropes to snagging the top agent spot for her firm in her second year. Since then, she has steadily increased the quality of her leads and boosted her average price point.

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Martinez kickstarted her marketing by setting goals, tapping into her network and providing great content.

Martinez watched a Tom Ferry video about mapping out gross commission income (GCI), then reverse-engineering it. Using her own goal of $100,000, she got busy with the math looking at average sale price, commission, sales volume, etc. “I figured I needed 12 transactions to make $100,000,” notes Martinez, who let her business goals drive her marketing.

She also focused on sphere marketing, that is getting business from the people who already knew and trusted her. She added everyone she knew to her database, connected on social media and sent out text messages to stay top of mind.

Although Martinez doesn’t rely heavily on her blog or email drip campaigns, she consistently provides videos with high-value content, such as how to get preapproved for a mortgage or a preview of listings.

Now that you have your real estate license, you’re ready to get out there and take on the housing market. But how to do you get clients? Just hit the pause button … and review these must-know marketing tips for real estate newbies:

  1. Announce your new career by updating your online profiles with a professional headshot and fresh bio.
  2. Create a website to showcase your expertise.
  3. Choose a customer relationship management (CRM) software and then build it out by entering contact information for everyone you know, then develop a plan for following up with people. (Here’s a look at some of the best rated CRMs for real estate.)
  4. Set a schedule (and stick to it) for regular prospecting.
  5. Get active on at least one or two social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are popular choices, but also take a look at Nextdoor.
  6. Send an email drip campaign.
  7. Ask a veteran Realtor to mentor you.
  8. Conduct open houses on a weekly basis.
  9. Choose a farm area, such as your own neighborhood.
  10. Pick a niche that reflects your values, hobbies or interests.
  11. Blog about your community (i.e., things to do, events, volunteer opportunities, etc.)
  12. Send birthday cards and thank you notes with handwritten messages to friends and acquaintances.
  13. Volunteer in the community to expand your network and give back.
  14. Once you’ve closed a few transactions, share client testimonials on your website and social media.