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NAR Wins Award for C2EX, Its ‘Commitment To Excellence’

NAR debuted C2EX last year, and the 2019 Learning! 100 Award honors organizations that foster professional growth, innovation and organizational performance.

CHICAGO – The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) was selected as a 2019 Learning! 100 Award Winner for its Commitment to Excellence Program (C2EX). Previous winners include Amazon, the U.S. Department of Defense and the American Heart Association. The award recognizes superior learning and development programs.

Unveiled by NAR less than one year ago, C2EX aims to help Realtors demonstrate their commitment to professionalism and the association’s Code of Ethics. NAR says the goal is to ensure its 1.3 million members continue the set the real estate industry standard in client service and ethical conduct.

NAR encourages all Realtor members to check out C2EX and test their knowledge of the real estate industry. A series of real estate-related questions test existing knowledge and provide correct answers if necessary. The tool is located on NAR’s website at

The 2019 Learning! 100 Award honors organizations for fostering a culture of professional growth, innovation and organizational performance while “investing in a truly immersive learning culture,” according to sponsoring organization Elearning! Media Group.

“When we launched Commitment to Excellence in November of 2018, we envisioned a program that could help lead us into a future where consumers everywhere recognize that Realtors are a step above the rest in their knowledge, skills and ability to serve their clients,” says NAR CEO Bob Goldberg. “The program gives our members a tangible way to demonstrate their commitment to professionalism.”

C2EX generates customized learning paths in 10 competencies of professionalism (11 for brokers), including the areas of data security, technology, client service, and professional reputation, among others. Program completion leads to an endorsement from NAR that members can use to show peers and clients that they conduct their business to the highest professional standard.

“As the real estate industry is always evolving, we know that our members must have access to every resource needed to thrive in a quickly changing market,” says Goldberg. “We thank Elearning! for the added motivation as we work to ensure Realtors are differentiated from real estate licensees who haven’t made professionalism their hallmark.”

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