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NAR: Code of Ethics Training Required Only Every 3 Years

Realtors must take NAR’s Code of Ethics training by the end of 2021 to remain members, but the timeframe then changes from once every two years to once every three.

SAN FRANCISCO –, The National Association of Realtors®’ (NAR) board of directors approved a change to NAR’s Code of Ethics training requirement at its Nov. 11 meeting.

Since 2001, Realtors have been required to take Code of Ethics training to retain their membership. Originally, the training was required every four years, but in 2017, NAR changed the requirement to every two years.

However, a presidential advisory group (PAG), appointed in 2019 made several recommendations to the NAR Leadership Team. One of the recommendations was to extend the requirement to every three years in order to give members more time to fit it into their continuing education schedule, and to give local associations adequate time between cycles to administer the program.

The Leadership Team sought feedback from several committees before bringing the proposal before the board of directors.

Separately, the Leadership Team approved several recommendations of the PAG that didn’t require a board vote:

  1. Revise the learning objectives for the existing member Code of Ethics training to include content on professional conduct, courtesies, business etiquette and real-life scenarios.
  1. Establish Code of Ethics training equivalency options that members can take to satisfy the Code of Ethics training requirement, allow the Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) endorsement to be an equivalency option.
  1. Make only courses and equivalencies provided by a local, state or national Realtor association satisfy the Code of Ethics training requirement.
  1. Appoint an implementation team to develop a microsite that compiles all available options for fulfilling the Code of Ethics training requirement, including C2EX ethics modules, NAR-approved online courses and links to association-approved courses.

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