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Create Content for Every Stage in a Homebuyer’s Journey

Buyers closing in eight days have different concerns than wanna-be buyers planning to start a search next June. Effective content offers information for both.

NEW YORK – Content marketing helps Realtors attract homebuyers by giving them valuable information about different stages of the home-buying process. Content marketing also can create trust and loyalty with their brand.

Providing information on the general search for a home, how to prepare for the costs of buying a home and how to shop for a mortgage can be invaluable information for potential home buyers.

During the process, however, the actual content part of content marketing should shift. It should offer information on the mortgage approval process, an explanation for how to put in an offer, advice on when to schedule an appraisal and inspection, and offer a list on what to expect during closing.

For the first stages of the process, content should be educational and promote awareness; during the process, Realtors should send out listings with notes explaining why homebuyers may like this property that’s being sent.

Even after closing, good content marketing can net referral leads. After homebuyers become owners, Realtors could provide advice on how to maintain a home and how past clients can share their home-buying experience with others. These topics not only generate loyalty, they also provide homebuyers with support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

Source: RISMedia (12/15/19) Nowacki, Lauren

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