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Target Your Marketing Campaign to Your Ideal Client

Some customers are great; some not so much. A good marketing campaign doesn’t just maximize leads, it also targets the type of client that makes work enjoyable.

NEW YORK – In December, many real estate agents typically focus on creating a business plan for the coming year. But it might be a good idea to start by identifying their ideal client.

They can start by making a list of all the characteristics they enjoy in clients they work with. New agents should think about the kind of person they want to work with.

Once they have a list of positive traits, they should whittle it down to five to eight traits that they deem absolutely necessary.

For comparison, they should then do the system in reverse: Make a list of the kinds of client they never want to work with, and narrow their “naughty list” down to the absolute worst traits that would be deal-breakers. This makes it easier for them to say “no” if they encounter a prospect with those traits.

Finally, on a daily basis, they should consider what they can do to put themselves in front of people who match their ideal client profile, perhaps making a New Year resolution to say “yes” only to clients who are a good fit and refer the rest – which will ultimately make them happier and make them more money because they’ve attracted the people they resonate with the most.

Source: Realty Times (12/08/19) Murphy, Terri

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