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The Most Popular Words in Real Estate Listings?

“Hardwood floors,” “granite countertops” and “stainless steel appliances” work regardless of price, but “dual sinks” and “covered patio” appear more often as prices rise.

NEW YORK – Sellers rely on Realtors to write dynamic copy for their listing because buyers can either breeze by a listing or stop for a second depending on how well the words jump off the page or screen.

Real estate listing website Point2 Homes combed through online listings to identify common words and phrases, highlighting the type of language that jumps out at the reader. In total, Point2 Homes analyzed 1.2 million listings across the United States that were active in July 2019.

Properties were frequently described as “large,” “new” and “spacious,” while many listings emphasized the home’s proximity to “restaurants and shopping.” For homes priced under $250,000, listings tended to be “move-in ready” or equipped with a “new roof.”

Homes between $250,000 and $500,000 tended to have “dual sinks” or a “covered patio,” suggesting that listings strive to emphasize amenities as prices increase. For more expensive homes, listings touted a “gourmet kitchen” or even a “chef’s kitchen,” further following the price/amenity trend.

But a small number of phrases jumped out of listings at all or most price ranges, including “hardwood floors,” “granite countertops” and “stainless steel appliances.”

Source: New York Times (01/09/20) Kolomatsky, Michael

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