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Homebuyers Are Still Shopping – But They’re Doing It Online

Facebook retargeting ads are a digital land grab right now. Retargeting places ads in front of people based on some action they took, such as clicking on a listing.

NEW YORK – Even in the midst of a pandemic, investing in real estate marketing and advertising can still have a meaningful impact – and maybe more so if done on online since some buyers have slowed their in-person home tours and started to spend more time at home.

With an increasing number of consumers accessing their online news feeds, it makes sense for agents to focus on retargeted Facebook video ads geared toward their sphere of influence.

Retargeting means that an ad or several ads is displayed to a group of people based on a specific action they took. For example, a video ad can be shown (retargeted) only to people on the agent’s email list who visited the agent’s website, engaged with the agent’s Facebook posts or watched the agent’s previous videos.

By spending money marketing to place an ad before people who have already seen the agent in some fashion, every dollar investment goes further.

Numerous online videos explain how to run Facebook ad campaigns for “custom audiences,” or a set of individuals who have taken a certain action or met specific criteria.

If that task is outsourced to a company, the agent will have no control over the content of the ads, their effectiveness or cost. Ideally, real estate agents who invest time and funds now to become proficient in generating leads and building brand awareness will see their businesses flourish – and look back six to 12 months from now and wish they had invested more.

Source: HousingWire (03/20/20) Brohm, Dustin

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