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Florida Realtors Suggests Guidelines for Safe Reopening of Vacation Rentals

Together, Florida Realtors and the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association developed recommended procedures to reopen these establishments after being closed because of the coronavirus.

As Florida explores ways to safely and efficiently reopen, the reintroduction of vacation rentals will be a key factor in getting the state’s economy back on track.

To help facilitate the reopening of Florida’s vacation rental inventory, Florida Realtors and the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association have partnered to develop the following suggested procedures for cleaning and information sharing within these lodging establishments.

We believe these procedures will allow Florida’s vacation rental industry and the industries that support it, to reopen for business in a way that significantly minimizes the risks associated with COVID-19.


We recommend that vacation rental units follow uniform guidelines to sanitize and clean each unit in accordance with Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) guidelines for facilities governed under Chapter 509, F.S.

Additionally, to further ensure guest safety in vacation rentals, we also recommend that during phase 1 of Florida’s reopening, all vacation rental units statewide will block out three days between guest departure and new guest check-ins for each unit to allow vacant “safe time” in the rental between stays. This is a safety measure for guests in addition to any enhanced cleaning procedures required by DBPR.

Virus prevention information

We recommend that operators of vacation rentals share Florida Health COVID-19 preventative measure details with every guest before check-in and while in the rental unit.

We also recommend that vacation rental operators provide and/or encourage guests to review local and county websites before and during their stay, for ongoing updates to all local orders and restrictions.

Download a PDF version of the recommendations by clicking here.