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3x Your Lead Generation ROI with 5 Tips

Retrace the last 12 months of ad spending across social media, referral networks and Pay Per Click (PPC) lead generation to see where your past business originated.  

NORWALK, Conn. – Agents need to focus on their leads' user experience to ensure better ROI from lead spend. To identify where the bulk of past business came from, agents should use a spreadsheet to retrace the past 12 months' worth of ad spend across social media, referral networks and PPC lead generation.

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool can help effectively manage every stage of a lead's lifecycle. Robust CRM will allow agents to keep detailed lead records, prompt outreach and follow-up, and provide valuable insight into every step of the sales process.

A good workflow will allow agents to automatically connect with their leads and encourage meaningful actions such as telephone or text outreach, email, social media connection and direct mail. Communication should feel personal and relevant to whatever stage of the process the lead is in, and be accompanied with such analytics as opens, clicks and responses where applicable.

It can take about seven to 13 touches to convert a lead into a qualified opportunity, and many brokers and agents generally will start with 27 touches over 30 days. Ideally, 14 of those touches should occur in the first seven days.

As agents develop their workflows and touchpoints, they should incorporate helpful resources, personal insight, and local "goodies" as part of the communication process. This helps build rapport and drives higher engagement with leads.

Source: RISMedia (05/12/20) Jolly, Bondilyn

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