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Four row home with good curb appeal
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3 Recommendations that Boost Curb Appeal

During this pandemic, the front of a home must be “pretty as a picture” because a picture is often the first thing potential buyers see – in some cases, the only thing.

CHICAGO – Curb appeal is more important today than it’s ever been because a larger number of buyers shop for homes online and even drive by before scheduling a visit in-person to limit their risk of infection. asked Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell of HGTV’s “Boise Boys” about ways to increase a property’s curb appeal. Here are some of their ideas:

  1. Pay attention to the driveway and walkways: Even concrete can look good, and the driveway and walkways lead the eye toward a home’s front door. Any cracks or weeds popping up can present an eyesore. Patch the concrete with caulk, Robertson says, and finish a concrete driveway and walkway with a clear, glossy sealer. Or, at the very least, hose down the driveway and walkway before photos, video or in-person tours for a fresher look.
  1. Fix up the garage: The garage is often an after-thought but it takes up a big portion of a home’s curb appeal. Caldwell suggests painting the garage doors the same color as the home’s trim.

    “Sometimes garages feel dark and scary,” Robertson says. Garage doors with a row of windows filter in more light and make it feel part of a home. Garage window kits are available for many models. You can swap out existing panels and add glass inserts.
  1. Paint the front door: Peeling paint or rusty hardware on the front door isn’t very welcoming to a potential home buyer. “If you’re going to spend money on one thing to add curb appeal, make it a new door,” Caldwell says.

    Front doors with glass inserts can help create a more welcoming space. But for homeowners looking to save, a fresh coat of paint may suffice.

    “A fresh pop of color in red, yellow, or blue can bring life to your house immediately and catches people’s eyes as well,” Caldwell says. “It feels like thoughtful consideration has been put into the home, and ultimately that’s what we’re trying to do – to let the home feel like a home that’s been loved and cared for and thought about. A home that’s been cared for stands out.” offers more curb appeal tips on its website.

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