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9 Habits of a Real Estate Ninja

Here's how to make yourself relevant in ANY real estate market.


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Larry Kendall

In the real estate business for 40 years, Larry Kendall is one of the founding partners of Colorado-based The Group, Inc., as well as author of “Ninja Selling.” He shares nine habits that agents should be doing in any market—but are even more relevant today.

Daily habits

(spend 15–30 minutes per day)

1. Practice gratitude and affirmations. In the morning, get into a state of gratitude and remind yourself what your goals are. Mindset is very important, so get yourself in a positive energy state.

2. Time block your days and week. Stay on your agenda. If you open your device first thing in the morning to check your email, you’ll be on other people’s agenda.

3. Write two personal notes. Making this one-on-one personal connection is powerful.

4. Pull out and review your hot list. Look at your list of people who want to buy/sell in the next 90 days. Who’s ready to write a contract today or this week? If no one is ready yet, what’s the next step in the process?

5. Set up your warm list. These are people who are ready to buy/sell in the next 12 months.

Weekly Habits

(spend a couple hours per week)

6. Call your active clients. Whether they’re sellers, under contracts, referrals or active buyers, they need a lot of hand-holding right now. They’re nervous and uncertain, and they need your support.

7. Do two real estate reviews. Help people (preferably from your warm list) with a home equity review by providing a real estate valuation and market update. Many people are sitting on a lot of equity and they don’t realize it. While they don’t have to draw on it, they should consider this a safety net.

8. Conduct interviews. Don’t focus on sales. Instead, ask FORD questions that relate to people’s Family/Friends, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams. These topics represent core values of most people and they’re easy conversation starters. If there’s a change in any one of these areas, there might be a change in their real estate needs.

9. Update your database. Make sure it’s tuned up and current.