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Make a Good Impression When Meeting New Clients Virtually

Virtual meetings are here to stay, and if clients like remote meetings, even post-pandemic, Realtors must do the same. But it’s different than face-to-face meetings.

NEW YORK – Even as economies start to reopen, the real estate market will continue to buy and sell properties virtually. For many agents, a video call with potential clients might be their first contact – and first impressions count.

Agents need to conduct test runs before any call, which should include practice runs with team members and video recordings to can help identify weak spots. During playback, agents should talk about the call to ensure everyone understands what the team’s standards are.

Agents should also be familiar with the presentation platform, including what links, attachments, or assets they may be sending or presenting to clients. It should be clear that the agent understands the web-meeting platform being used.

It’s important to note that personal touches are crucial in developing a client-agent relationship, so agents should set aside time to find out client specifics before the virtual meeting begins. If it’s a follow-up call, they should also review previous calls, or at least take notes. Those ongoing connection threads should be maintained and nurtured throughout the transaction.

Tami Bonnell, CEO of EXIT Realty, recommends doing a Google search of prospects, as well as a Facebook and LinkedIn search.

Agents need to establish a customer experience process that confidently explains the next steps to their client. This should include a chain of commitment – a process that leads agents into their next meeting and helps guide their teams going forward.

Source: Inman (07/02/20) Black, Kathleen

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