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Top Green Products for Buyers? The Ones that Save Money

A survey of NAHB members finds strong consumer demand for energy-saving products and services, but relatively few expressed an interest in solar energy.

WASHINGTON – According to a recent survey of builders and remodelers by the National Association of Home Builders, buyers are most interested in green products and services that directly affect utility bills and indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Of the survey respondents, 57% ranked “finding an energy-efficient home” as their top request, while 84% ranked it as one of their top three requests.

In regard to product systems that impact IEQ – water conservation and renewable energy – around 44% to 54% of builders and remodelers ranked those requests in their top three as well.

Roughly 25% of builders and remodelers said homeowners and homebuyers requested material and resource-conserving products. LED lighting was the most requested energy-efficient item, with an 85% request rate. It also ranked as the top green project in terms of what remodelers have actually undertaken at 91%.

Direct outdoor ventilation using fans was the top IEQ home improvement request from homeowners and homebuyers (72%), and 81% of builders and remodelers are currently putting those types of projects in place.

The results for water conservation are similar: 72% of homeowners and buyers requested high-efficiency plumbing fixtures as their top green product, and 81% of builders have started those projects.

Looking at reusable materials, 84% of builders and remodelers are implementing products based on a 64% homeowner and homebuyer request rate.

However, only 8% of homeowners and homebuyers have requested solar power, which may be why only 16% of solar projects have been put into place.

Source: Miami Agent Magazine (06/25/2020) Girardin, Alessia

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