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Host a Successful Virtual Event on Social Media

You once held classes for new homebuyers? Take it online. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all have a livestream option.

NEW YORK – The pandemic compelled organizations worldwide to schedule virtual events, which requires choosing an appropriate platform.

Many companies use Zoom or other dedicated videoconferencing sites, but social media also offers livestreaming options, such as Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Livestream and Twitter Live. Instagram allows users to go interact with another person and may be the best choice for Q&As.

It’s important to consider who will attend the event and whether the target audience uses your preferred platform regularly. Many large events that use conferencing software combine live and prerecorded elements, which can also be accomplished on social media platforms if you, for example, need to explain a specific concept that people will want to review.

In addition, an event can have a moderator whose job is to engage with the audience. A moderator can collect and answer submitted questions in real time or allocate time at the end to talk with viewers.

Marketing for these live events is important and should include all the essential information, such as what time the event goes live (including time zones), how they can join, how long the event will last and how they can get more information.

While an event may occur on one social media platform, it can be promoted across different social networks, via email lists or other cross-promotion opportunities.

When the event ends, all materials should be posted immediately.

Source: Forbes (10/13/20) Fisher, Adrian

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