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It’s Time to Map Out a 2021 Social Media Plan

The first step to boost social media marketing? Get a plan. Content drives the marketing, so start by telling your story and then a bit about your home neighborhood.

NEW YORK – When forming next year’s social media plan, agents should start with a content outline.

Content is the vehicle that tells an agent’s story, expresses their brand and describes what it’s like to work with them and their company. It can include success stories, testimonials, images and videos.

A content grid can help by visually laying out the various types of content to include in the strategy. Agents should start by examining what a single piece of content would be like on different channels. If publishing a blog, for example, agents can promote it on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. In each case, though, the blog’s presentation will likely be a bit different, with slight adjustments such as photo resizing or language.

Agents should consider keeping a notebook of their ideas and record any questions they get asked regularly. In addition, they can consider themed days such as “Tip Tuesday” or “Fun Friday,” and schedule a specific time to write or create.

By Jan. 1, agents should ideally have 30 to 60 days’ worth of content lined up so they’re ready to post something each week. It’s also essential to know who will write or create the content, edit it, and take charge of it once it goes live. Google Docs and other mediums can facilitate collaboration.

Agents should also try to provide the right content to the right people at the right time of day. Tools such as or Hootsuite can help agents successfully schedule their social media strategy.

Source: Inman (10/25/20) Lance, Katie

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