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Survey: Gen Z Expects Homes to Come with Tech

The RE industry is watching Generation Z as the leading edge turns 24. What do they want in a home? One survey found 62% expect to have smart-home technology.

CHICAGO – Real estate experts are watching Generation Z, the oldest of whom turn 24 this year, as they enter the market. What home traits appeal to this demographic?

A RentCafe survey of about 2,500 respondents found that 62% of Gen Z renters consider smart-home technology to be extremely or very important. High-speed internet was the most important feature cited by respondents, along with smart locks, thermostats and energy-efficient appliances.

“Embracing technology and social media as a way of living, these young adults seem to know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to renting an apartment, what they expect from their apartment communities, and how much they are willing to spend,” RentCafe said. “Although they’re budget-conscious and still at the dawn of their earning years, Gen Z renters want the highest-quality apartments and rental communities that feature the most technologically advanced features.”

According to study results, Instagram is the best way to connect with Gen Z’ers, but they’re also seeking information via Google, property ratings and reviews, videos and virtual tours.

When it comes to making the decision to sign a lease, however, Gen Z’ers still prefer in-person tours with agents.

Source: Realtor Magazine (11/02/20)

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