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Homeowners Complaining About ‘Ugly’ 5G Boxes in Yards

A nationwide 5G network will create super-fast internet connections, but to deliver it, companies install boxes the size of a chest freezer in front of some homes.

HOUSTON – Wireless companies are installing boxes in front of homes as part of their 5G network rollout. But some homeowners aren’t happy, calling the chest freezer-sized boxes a big eyesore in their front yards.

The boxes supply power and data to 5G antennas placed on utility poles nearby. In Houston where some boxes have already been installed, some homeowners have gone to social media to complain. Next, the installation of 5G transmission boxes is headed to the nearby suburbs.

A homeowner unlucky enough to have a 5G box installed in front of their house doesn’t have a lot of options. Wireless companies don’t need permission from homeowners before installing them. They don’t even need to notify homeowners beforehand because the boxes are installed on a public right-of-way. This land is owned by the county, even if it appears to be someone’s front yard.

Most wireless firms plan to aggressively expand their 5G networks, a connection speed five to 10 times faster than current 4G speeds. But homeowners with a new box near their front door fear that the infrastructure needed to achieve those super-fast speeds could hurt their real estate values.

Currently, 5G availability is limited across the country. But as wireless companies continue the rollout, which is expected to widen in scope this year, more homeowners may suddenly find the equivalent of a small chest freezer on their property.

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