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How Do You Grow Agent Leaders Within a Brokerage?

Everyone benefits if brokers or team leaders encourage others to lead, and in-house events as simple as a book club can facilitate conversations and encourage growth.

SAN FRANCISCO – Top real estate professionals usually take either an individual contributor path or a leadership path.

Via the individual contributor path, a top agent will want additional leverage in their life as they continue to dominate the sales game. This might include creating opportunities, either at the brokerage or team level. They could, for example, be responsible for hiring and training staff to simplify the lives of individual contributors.

On the other hand, the leadership path suits a person who wants to find success by building a team of sales agents, operational staff and other players to handle the day-to-day business. Prospective agent leaders should address such questions as, “Are you willing to go above and beyond the daily job requirements?”, “Are you a team player?” and “Are you willing to consistently put the good of the team and the company above your individual success?”

Brokers can grow agent leaders in a brokerage or team in various ways, such as:

  • Host a book club to facilitate conversations
  • Form an agent leadership council responsible for weighing in on major decisions
  • Host monthly leadership masterminds. This could feature guest speakers that discuss topics, such as how to recruit and hire talent and financial management.

Other options to promote in-house leadership include coaching and creating intentional personal growth plans that include a morning routine, success habits such as meditation, and other components.

Source: Inman (01/14/21) Hergenrother, Adam

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