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Routines Are Comfy – but Sometimes Brokerages Stagnate

Routine isn’t bad, but it can stifle change as agents check off boxes in a daily routine. These 6 productivity tips can help brokers breathe new life into the business.

SAN FRANCISCO – Falling into a routine can create an unmotivated, stagnant workplace. But brokers can change patterns of complacency and also ask for accountability from agents.

They can start by asking agents questions about their marketing efforts and whether they’re contacting their database regularly.

Brokers also should provide mandatory training, which can be in the form of no-cost webinars, YouTube videos, Zoom meetings and content on social media.

When agents come in with a problem, it’s important to identify the resource that can help them. That resource could be a course, program or software that can be beneficial for both agents and brokers.

In addition, highly skilled agents who are trained, successful, thoughtful and willing to share, can serve as mentors to struggling agents. Under a mentorship program, a mentor could receive compensation, such as 5%, from every transaction the agent does for a certain length of time.

Brokerages lagging in technology should come up to speed on the latest software and equipment.

Finally, brokers can create a referral network within their office. This can be useful when busy agents are overwhelmed and simply need someone to pick up leads and opportunities they can’t get to. Receiving agents can then earn between 25% to 50% for a successful transaction.

Source: Inman (01/07/21) Susiwala, Faisal

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