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Survey: Top Home Life Change of 2020? Disinfection

When asked about recent behavior “likely to continue for years to come,” homeowners listed “disinfection” first, along with tech use and backyard entertaining.

CHICAGO – The pandemic influenced home design and resident behaviors in ways likely to continue for years to come. Garage space gets more attention and cleanliness remains important, according to the America At Home Study, based on nearly 4,000 respondents nationwide and conducted in October and November.

“Disinfecting things more” remained at the top of the list of changes consumers said they’ve made during the pandemic – and they’re committed to keeping their homes clean with 80% saying it’s a lasting behavior change in their home.

Garage space also got more focus from homeowners, the survey found, and adding space for storage topped the list for garage projects, though younger adults were more likely to say they made space in their garages for a home gym.

Among the survey’s other findings on lasting trends, since the pandemic began, consumers are:

  • Upgrading technology
  • Using backyards to entertain family or friends
  • Using rooms for combined purposes
  • Reorganizing to create more storage

In expanding their use of existing rooms, consumers expressed greater interest in additional storage space, home gyms or exercise areas, home offices, craft and game areas, and pet grooming areas. They also showed interest in a laundry room off the garage for the sake of “safety.”

Only one feature dropped in popularity from a previous survey conducted in April: Interest in germ-resistant countertops and flooring declined by 5%. Nevertheless, it was still the third-most-requested feature in the October study, with 50% of consumers expressing interest and willing to pay more for it.

Source: “America at Home Study Shows Pandemic Inspired Lasting Impacts on Home and Community Design,” BUILDER (Dec. 28, 2020)

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