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Screenshot of NAR's Raise the Bar commercial
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NAR Launches New ‘That’s Who We R’ Commercials

The integrated media mix – video, audio, content partners and social media – presents Realtors as trusted allies along an often emotional home-buying journey.

CHICAGO – The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) launched a new series of advertising spots this month. Each takes a different tack, but all show how Realtors literally open doors of new opportunities for homebuyers.

According to NAR, this year’s campaign is rooted in Realtors’ unique ability to “open doors to opportunity” for both clients and communities. As a central theme that ties all five spots together, doors serve as a catalyst into real-life stories and give viewers a peek into the future lives of clients who live out their dreams and buy a home or business.

“The visuals and scripts work together to reinforce what you, as a member of the National Association of Realtors, stand for, the value that you bring, and the emotions and opportunity that property ownership can unlock,” NAR says in announcing the new commercials.

NAR’s 2021 consumer ad campaign runs through the fall with an integrated media mix that includes video, audio, content partners and social media. The ads showcase Realtors as trusted allies throughout an often an emotional home-buying journey.

Brett Foraker, the film director of the newest commercials, uses a storytelling approach to show buyers in various life circumstances, including an expectant mother searching for a larger home and a young condo house hunter looking for a place to enjoy with friends. The buyers get a look at their ideal future, with the credit for that future happiness going to the Realtor who made it happen.

To view all five TV commercials, visit The commercials are part of an integrated media plan that includes radio and digital audio, social media messaging, search, content partners, and turn-key campaign logos and assets exclusively for Realtors. For easy sharing and personalization on social media platforms, download NAR’s Photofy app and tap into a library of images.

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