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How to Create an Irresistible Virtual Tour With Hommati

Hommati offers 3D virtual tours and walk-throughs using an app available on the App Store and Google Play.

With a lack of inventory, buyers have to make quick decisions, according to Starr Keating, an agent with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Fleming Island.

“I had a listing where I used a virtual tour from Hommati. We had six offers on the property and the person who bought the house was moving from New York. They told me they couldn’t have made the decision without looking at the Hommati tour,” she said.

That’s the case for a lot of Keating’s buyers amid COVID-19, including global buyers and investors who need to make decisions quickly but can’t travel to the United States. “We had people from California and New York from the military, and they weren’t allowed to travel. You want tours that allow people to feel like they are walking into and through the house like they would in person.”

Photo of Starr Keating
Starr Keating

Hommati offers 3D virtual tours and walk-throughs using an app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Keating says that because the company does an interactive tour, the process takes a bit longer than with a virtual tour.

“They’re going in every single room and doing a 360-degree video. It’s amazing. You can take steps into the house and virtually walk wherever you want,” she says. “Instead of relying on the person behind the camera to show you the rooms, you can focus on what you want to see. For example, if you want a full look at the master shower, you can home in on that one aspect,” she says.

Keating pays by the tour and schedules the session.

“You can purchase a membership. Charges differ based on teams and individuals. I am a heavy listing agent, so I purchased the membership,” she says. “The packages are mostly under $300.”

Here are some ways Keating uses Hommati:

1. Social media marketing

Keating shares the virtual tours that Hommati produces on all her social media channels to get maximum exposure. “Something that appealed to me is that Hommati features my virtual tours on their site as well, so you get leads from the hits on their site,” says Keating. She uses them on Facebook and Instagram.

2. MLS marketing

Keating also features the tours in her MLS listings along with her own photography to highlight the home. “I credit the tours for giving people [global and out-of-town buyers] a certain level of confidence to move forward with the purchase when they can’t see the home in person,” she says.

3. Create floor plans

“So many people from out of the country or state ask to see a floor plan. The service can create one that can be sent to potential buyers,” she says.

4. Listing presentations

“It’s a competitive market out there and everyone is looking for listings. I include some of my virtual, interactive tours in my listing presentation to show the sellers I’m going the extra mile. It stands out compared to the routine virtual tours.”

“Last year, we had a record number of sales and most people never came to see the house until closing. The aerial views of the community and the detail of the room by room visuals gave buyers who couldn’t see the homes confidence that they were making a sound decision,” says Keating.

Tracey C. Velt is a contributing editor for Florida Realtor magazine.