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Realtors Property Resource Adds AARP Livability Index

The index offers insight into local transportation, health services and social life. AARP also hopes it gets younger buyers to consider a home’s longer-term benefits.

WASHINGTON – Realtors® serving customers through Realtors Property Resource (RPR) have a new tool to serve older adults.

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and AARP announced that the AARP Livability Index scores are now offered across the RPR platform help people of all ages make age-friendly decisions when they buy a home.

“Understanding and better assisting older Americans in their real estate transactions has been a priority of NAR for some time, and our collaboration with AARP is a continuation of that focus,” says Jeff Young, chief operating officer and general manager with RPR. “Highlighting AARP’s Livability Index to Realtors through the RPR’s web and mobile platform will provide valuable insight to our members, while positioning them to better safeguard and advise home and property buyers.”

The AARP Livability Index offers insight into community factors that could impact property owners of all ages, including transportation, health, and civic and social engagement. Through RPR, Realtors can access national data broken down by ZIP code and pass that information along to customers. The data is displayed on the RPR’s website and mobile applications, as well as in property- and neighborhood-specific reports that Realtors can produce for consumers.

AARP’s Rodney Harrell, vice president of family, home and community, says one of the AARP’s goals is to make younger adults consider whether a home will work for them as they get older.

“One of AARP’s goals through this collaboration with NAR is to help people better understand their housing needs over their lifetime and address the barriers that prevent people from living in their desired communities as they age,” says Harrell.

While the index on RPR is new, NAR has made a long-term commitment to older homebuyers through its Seniors Real Estate Specialist program. Realtors who complete in-depth training in a variety of topics related to homebuyers and sellers over the age of 50 can earn the SRES designation.

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