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How to Talk to Luxury Sellers? Don’t Use a Script

Luxury sellers want a human approach. Improvise conversations, and talk about the client 95% of the time and yourself 5% – and be frugal with the 5%.

NEW YORK – Luxury-home customers who work with real estate professionals look for a more human approach to selling their home. As a result, the most successful conversations aren’t rehearsed, but improvised.

“Selling conversations” represent an opportunity for agents. They serve their prospects by letting the client identify what they’re looking for.

In Steve Yastrow’s Ditch the Pitch, he suggests making 95% of the conversation about the prospect and just 5% about the agent – and to be “frugal” with that 5%.

He also says it’s important that the agent continually says “yes” in the conversations. This is called a “micro commitment” and keeps conversations flowing. Even if an agent disagrees with the prospect, Yastrow recommends offering a “Yes, and…” instead of a “No” to create a sense of mutual agreement.

It’s also essential not to rush the customer’s story. While an agent may feel it’s important to provide a roster of customer information to a prospective seller, it might be more than the client can absorb at a first meeting.

As a general rule, Yastrow recommends that agents only include pieces of information critical to persuading the prospect, and reserve the rest to create a callback.

If a conversation goes in a direction agents aren’t prepared to handle, they should try to find some common ground or dig deeper into specific details to probe the unexpected perspective. The objective is to gain a clear understanding of what the prospect needs and how the agent can help achieve their goals.

Source: RISMedia (06/16/21) Hartley, Diane

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