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Make Social Media ‘Pop’ with Graphic Design Platforms

How do you grab attention on social media – enough to entice viewers to stop and read your content? There are apps for that.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals should consider using graphic design apps to enhance their social media content, which come in both free and paid versions.

With Canva, for example, agents can access social media post templates for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. With an easy user interface, the platform offers quick copy and resizing features that ensure agents’ design layouts remain consistent across different platforms.

Agents also can share valuable information to keep their audience informed while showcasing their expertise. Apps such as Visme and Canva have preset templates that help users organize data points into appealing infographics, charts and graphs that can be posted on websites, social media accounts and within email marketing. The key benefit: These apps make it easier to present data in clearer way.

For client and lead outreach, design apps and platforms give agents access to templates that can be used to create letters and postcards. These can be personalized, uploaded and sent to prospective and existing clients online or through text messages.

Apps like Adobe Spark, Design Wizard, and Visme have options for creating animated videos and gifs that can boost website engagement and help social media posts stand out.

In addition, client testimonials can be enhanced using several design apps that allow agents to upload “Just Sold” photos, logos and testimonial copy using attractive fonts.

Source: RISMedia (08/18/21) Grice, Jordan

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