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Market on TikTok? ‘Average Watch Time’ Beats YouTube

Businesses can’t ignore TikTok’s rapid growth and the popularity of its 60-second videos. For agents, it’s a new way to court potential clients.

SAN FRANCISCO – TikTok’s popularity continues to grow: The video-sharing app surpassed YouTube’s average watch time on Android devices in the U.S., according to recent data from App Annie by the BBC.

It’s the first time TikTok has overtaken long-reigning video giant YouTube in average user watch time.

To be clear, YouTube still is the dominant online streaming platform. It draws the greatest number of users across mobile and desktop devices. YouTube has an estimated 2 billion monthly users; TikTok, in comparison, has only 700 million.

But businesses aren’t ignoring TikTok’s rapid growth, including the real estate industry that’s constantly searching for ways to court potential clients.

In April, listing agent Rochelle Maize turned to TikTok to create buzz for her $5.3-million Santa Monica, Calif., listing. She enlisted the help of TikTok influencers and allowed them to film in the staged home to capture “viral-worthy vignettes.”

Short-form video’s popularity has grown more and more over time, notably among viewers and creators who use TikTok almost exclusively on mobile devices. Portrait video is dominant. TikTok also features an auto-scrolling interface that promotes increased engagement and watch time, according to the site 9to5Google.

To better compete with TikTok, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts – 60-second videos – that began streaming in early May. It’s integrated into the main YouTube app on Android and iOS.

Should real estate agents jump on the TikTok bandwagon? Tech coach Burton Kelso has listed four business reasons in a Realtor Magazine article.

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