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Remember QR Codes? They’re Back and Better

Most new phones make it easy for users to snap and go. A QR code on a for-sale sign, for example, can help pedestrians quickly secure listing info and the agent’s bio.

SAN FRANCISCO – The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the use of data icons known as QR codes. The reemerging trend is facilitated by recent versions of cell phones made by Apple and Samsung because cameras can read QR codes instantly without having to download an app. Creating QR codes is also cost effective thanks to a handful of free online tools.

A July 2021 joint study of 1,100 U.S. consumers by The Drum and YouGov found that 54% of consumers ages 18 to 29 have clicked on a marketing-related QR code; those aged 30 to 44 did so 48% of the time.

Overall, the report found that “three-quarters of adults say that they would be willing to use more QR codes in the future. This number rose to 82% among adults 18-44, but dipped to 64% of adults over 45.”

Marketing with QR codes

For consumers, a QR code allows them to hold their phone up, scan the code and quickly go to a webpage that offers additional information. They can be used in a variety of locations, such as:

  • Postcard campaigns. They can direct recipients to landing pages, lead capture forms or 3D video tours of listings, such as those offered by Holofy Spaces and Peek.
  • Property flyers. These could link individuals to agent introduction videos, agent websites or testimonial pages.
  • Yard signs. These QR codes can offer information on the home for sale, but they can also link users to request forms for showings or webpages with “similar listings to this one.”
  • Advertising spreads in local lifestyle publications. These ads can be costly, but a subtle QR code can help get more bang for the buck by sending readers to a unique listing micro-site or a company video.
  • Indoor events. If attending a charity or entertainment venue, a simple QR code table can lead attendees to digital business cards, joint promotional incentives or donation webpages via Venmo, for example.

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