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Hyperlocal Content Ideas to Show You’re the Local Expert

In marketing content, a hyperlocal focus says, “I’m a friend who can help you navigate and love this community.” Start by keeping up with all neighborhood events.

SAN FRANCISCO – Engaging content is the key to optimizing digital marketing – but real estate professionals also need to make sure that content is valuable and hyperlocal so that it stands out from the competition.

Part of the process is keeping up-to-date on neighborhood events, which means monitoring sources, including online events and local newspaper calendars. Consider adding those events to a weekly or monthly newsletter to increase your digital presence and engagement.

Secondly, real estate agents can create their own community events by finding ways to invite the community to their office or active listings by being creative. It could be a themed event, such as having a haunted house and inviting guests to come for treats.

Communities constantly change, and hyperlocal info can include business openings and updates about the local market, such as awards granted to local companies.

Also present local real estate market data garnered from trusted sources, such as the National Association of Realtors® or Florida Realtors®.

Among other things, agents should reshare news from the local chamber of commerce, regional business journal publications and community groups. Subscribe to each of their publications to keep up-to-date with what is going on.

Another way to stay current: Set up Google Alerts and have it present headlines that include their city and neighborhood. Agents should also pay attention to information put out by their brokers, mentioning when the brokerage is mentioned in the press or receives corporate accolades or does something in the community, such as the time Realtors across Florida cleaned up local waterways in July.

Source: Inman (11/09/21) Arana, Santiago

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