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Lowe’s App Will Measure, Plan Improvement Projects

Soon, mobile devices with LiDAR Scanners (newer Apple products) can measure interior space, explore potential updates and schedule work. Flooring will be offered first.

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – In early 2022, homeowners will get a chance to try Lowe’s launch of “Measure Your Space” (beta test), the first step in new tech that will allow homeowners to imagine a home improvement project and get all necessary info, including measurements, options and prices, using only their phone.

Few home improvement projects can move forward without data about a home’s space, which can be tough to gather. But under Lowe’s long-term plan, even a complete kitchen remodel could one day be completely coordinated online until workers show up to begin the project. However, the initial beta test for the project – planned for release in the first quarter of 2022 – will focus first on flooring.

“We’re investing in emerging technologies like LiDAR, AI and mixed reality to make home improvement simple and intuitive,” says Seemantini Godbole, Lowe’s executive vice president and chief information officer. “We see a future in which the devices customers already own can sense, understand and compile information about their home, putting it in their hands the moment they need it. We call this future spatial commerce, and we’re excited to bring it to our customers.”

LiDAR Scanners are relatively new for mobile devices. Currently, newer iPhones and iPads have the LiDAR Scanner, which uses sensors and software to sense depth, which an app can then use to map a space’s dimensions and the objects in it.

Lowe’s says its new “spatial commerce experience” will provide detailed room measurements after a user presses its app’s “Measure Your Space” button. The app will guide them on how to scan a room before generating a floor plan, room measurements and personalized estimate. They will be able to access this information in their app from anywhere, whether that’s on their couch or in a store.

Lowe’s new offering starts with flooring and, over time, plans to expand the experience to include other features, such as visualizing flooring changes in real-time. It also plans to add other product categories and expand use to additional types of smartphones and devices.

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