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Too Few Homes ‘Camera Ready’ for Listing Photos

Many times, ink isn’t dry on the listing contract before photographers show up, and sellers told to “get your home ready” aren’t sure what that means.

NEW YORK – Most homebuyers shop for online and judge properties based on photos before deciding whether to visit the properties in person. But many home sellers don’t make much effort to prepare their home for a photo shoot, according to a new study.

More than half of the 310 professional real estate professional photographers surveyed said home sellers haven’t properly prepared their property before the photographers arrive, according to a survey conducted by HomeJab, a photography and visual production service firm for real estate.

“Agents may be assuming their sellers know what they need to do to have their home ready for a photo shoot,” says Joe Jesuele, founder and CEO of HomeJab. “But photography occurs very early in the listing process, and sellers may not realize what professional photographers need to make the right impressions.”

What mistakes are homeowners making? They may forget to clean up, but they often leave out personal items, such as cellphones, purses and drinking glasses. Some may even think it makes the home looked “lived in,” when it actually pulls buyers’ eyes away from the elements they care about.

“That can detract attention away from what is important,” says Jon Biddle, a professional real estate photographer in Philadelphia. “Agents could do more to make sure they’re ready.”

To help sellers prepare for a professional photographer’s visit, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) created a list – How to Prepare for the Photo Shoot – that agents can present to sellers before the photographer arrives.

Source: HomeJab

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