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Supercharge Your Agents’ Digital Presence

Agents should have a consistent online presence on social media, take advantage of positive client testimonials and keep marketing design elements uniform.

NORWALK, Conn. – Agents can use a variety of digital communications to present themselves to current and potential clients. It is important to use the same, up-to-date picture for the agent profile page, email signature and other marketing pieces. Font sizes, formatting, and colors should be uniform as well.

Next, they can establish or update their online presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or TikTok, then implement a plan to consistently provide appropriate, real estate-related content. This can include general information from sites like ACESocial, listings and other market-specific information, and personal messages in the form of videos and pictures.

Links should also offer something of value, such as a market update or a home-buyer guide, to gather a potential client’s information via a landing page.

Client testimonials are a robust tool that every agent should request and share online. The ideal time to request these are at key success points of the client relationship, such as after getting a signed contract. Agents should share these positive reviews throughout their digital universe, including on their agent website, social media, and other client communications.

Other ways to enhance digital engagement include systematically using a CRM, launching an online advertising campaign and hosting virtual webinars.

Source: RISMedia (01/13/21) Johnson, Sherri

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