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Think You Know the Code of Ethics? Take the Quiz

Think you know the Code of Ethics backwards and forwards? Test your knowledge and have a little fun with this Code of Ethics quiz.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Dear Shannon: Lately our Grievance Committee has become bored poring through the same old case studies, so I’ve been switching it up. Our members love the Think It Through videos and I have recently been using your ‘Dear Shannon’ Articles to facilitate conversation much like a case study – LOVE those!

Last month I used a multiple-choice ethics quiz to have some fun with it. Do you have any quizzes or activities we could use to educate our members on professional standards – and maybe have a little fun while doing it? – Looking For Something New

Dear Looking For Something New: I’m so glad to hear that you and your members are watching the Think It Through videos and getting good use out of the Dear Shannon Articles.

Thank you for this fantastic idea! (Maybe this could be the start of an annual tradition – a Code of Ethics Quiz or Professional Standards Activity every December.)

Here you go…

Which Code of Ethics Article goes with the following statements?

Hint: The answers are the first Code of Ethics Articles, numbers 1-17, so you’ll only use an Article number once.

  1. ______ Make only truthful and objective statements about other real estate licensees.
  2. ______ Avoid the unauthorized practice of law.
  3. ______ Participate in professional standards enforcement.
  4. ______ Keep client funds in separate escrow accounts.
  5. ______ Receive compensation from more than one party only with informed consent.
  6. ______ Respect exclusive relationships.
  7. ______ Cooperate with other brokers.
  8. ______ Disclose present or contemplated interests in property.
  9. ______ Treat all parties honestly.
  10. ______ Arbitrate contractual disputes.
  11. ______ Equal professional services for all.
  12. ______ Make your “true position” known when presenting offers.
  13. ______ Be competent in your field of practice.
  14. ______ Get transactional details in writing.
  15. ______ Disclose pertinent facts.
  16. ______ Disclose financial benefits from recommending products/services.
  17. ______ Paint a true picture in advertising.

If you can complete this quiz with referencing a copy of the Code of Ethics, you’ve proven yourself to be a COE expert. And if you found yourself flipping through the Code of Ethics looking for answers, you’ll have read through all 17 Articles!


Answers: A. Article 15, B. Article 13, C. Article 14, D. Article 8, E. Article 7, F. Article 16, G. Article 3, H. Article 5, I. Article 1, J. Article 17, K. Article 10, L. Article 4, M. Article 11, N. Article 9, O. Article 2, P. Article 6, Q. Article 12

Shannon Allen is an attorney and Florida Realtors Director of Local Association Services
Note: Advice deemed accurate on date of publication

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