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Use Google Trends for Real Estate Websites

What interests customers – what will entice them to return to a website to get more info? Follow Google Trends to see what they’re clicking on.

NEW YORK – An attractive website with good blog content can help establish real estate pros as a trusted authority in the housing market – and it can bolster marketing efforts.

What to include in a blog though?

Google Trends can help bolster an agent’s results by identifying topics that interest the agent’s target audience and to help agents fine-tune existing content to meet clients’ needs. Google Trends can help agents identify the historical popularity of specific keywords and how it changed over time, which new keywords are trending, and how users employ those words in their searches.

With that information, agents can then create content related to real estate that incorporates those search terms and drives traffic to their websites, effectively bolstering their website’s search ranking.

Google Trends also can supplement work agents are doing with the help of Google’s Keyword Planner. Unlike Keyword Planner, Google Trends helps agents identify the seasonal or annual peaks for specific keywords to help tailor their content marketing strategy.

With the real estate market in flux, Google Trends also enables agents to create reactive content that addresses timely topics – the ones that interest many potential clients. In addition to identifying rising trends, the tool also help agents avoid failing trends by identifying when keywords decline in popularity.

Source: Realty Biz News (12/28/2022)

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