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7 Non-Salesy Reasons to Contact Your Database

Since people love friends and generally avoid salespeople, a call to “check in,” or an “I stopped by with this small gift” makes you seem more like a friend.

NEW YORK – A prime source of leads for real estate professionals is their database list of previous clients.

Many agents hesitate to call clients because they don’t want to appear bothersome or “selling” something. However, agents should think of staying in touch in terms of “let me see how I can serve them,” says Darryl Davis, CEO of Darryl Davis Seminars.

He notes that many agents might not actually have a database in place, so right up front, it’s important to have a CRM (customer relationship management) or some other way of tracking past clients.

The easiest way to get in touch? Simply “check in” without mentioning real estate or any other business, just letting the client know you’re available if you can do something for them. Another option is checking in through text.

Agents can also drop by a client’s home with a small gift, like a pumpkin or pie with a note to show their appreciation.

Additionally, agents can send card to celebrate special occasions – a birthday, holiday or home purchase anniversary, repeating that behavior about once a month.

Comparative market analyses or Neighborhood Market Reports can be sent as well, with a note stating the agent is available if the client has any questions. They could also include a personal letter noting how much their home has increased in value (assuming it has) since their initial purchase.

Finally, agents can implement a 15-and-5 social media strategy. This involves spending 15 minutes on Facebook daily to look at five clients’ profiles and, once there, liking or commenting on their posts. It’s a quick, unobtrusive way of staying top-of-mind.

Source: Inman (09/12/22) Davis, Darryl

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