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Best Way to Simplify Complicated Ideas? Infographics

Some concepts like “How to buy a home” are complicated. Infographics save agents time by laying out interweaving multiple steps in an easy-to-read format.

NEW YORK – How do I buy a house? How do I stage my home? What are the hidden costs of home buying?

Realtors® spend a lot of their time explaining things to clients who need to understand the whole real estate process, with the constant danger that they’ll bail and find another agent who can do it better. To help the “explain this to me” part, real estate businesses increasingly budget for infographics as a tool to help convince potential clients to close a sale.

Infographics are visual representations that convey a specific topic and illustrate trends and processes.

While buying or selling a home looks fun before you start, in reality it involves much paperwork and can be quite complicated. As a tool, infographics can help Realtors relay valuable information to potential clients in a more understandable, visual and compelling way.

The four main types of infographics used by Realtors for marketing are:

  • Statistical
  • Informational
  • Process
  • Hybrid

A statistical infographic uses graphs or charts to make complex data sets more enticing and engaging for clients.

An informational infographic is a visual presentation about a particular topic containing relevant facts and details. It can include a wide range of topics, including news, listings and tips.

A process infographic, which often includes a timeline, shows detailed procedures to help guide clients through the different real estate processes.

Hybrid infographics are a combination of any of the other three infographics.

Making your own infographics is now easier, cost-effective and less time-consuming. In the past, Realtors needed to hire professional graphic artists to create infographics for them, but now they can use several free and professionally-made slide templates to make infographics themselves.

However, Florida Realtors® also offers a library of infographics that members can use as an included benefit of membership. They can be downloaded, shared in social media channels and used for one-on-one marketing. A tool allows members to search by function.

For a list of available infographics and more information, visit Florida Realtors’ website.

Source: KHTS AM-1220 (02/16/23)

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