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Marketing to Millennials? Do This

Unlike boomers, millennials pay less attention to marketing materials they hold in their hands, like postcards or newspapers. Digital advertising is a better way to go.

NEW YORK – Millennials are now the largest U.S. generational group and make up the largest percentage of homebuyers. As a result, marketing to millennials is a no brainer.

When marketing to millennials, however, agents should use the tools millennials use.

This middle-adult age group is more likely to respond to online marketing and communication compared to newspaper ads, flyers or postcards. Agents should also be ready to use an online virtual office to interact with prospective home buyers.

The best communication channels include social media, email, Skype and text alerts. Options for targeting millennial home buyers include shareable blog posts and short videos of home listings uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

The well-known AICDC (Attention, Interest, Conviction, Desire and Close) sales strategy, first conceived by the Dale Carnegie Professional Sales Course several decades ago, can be used to market effectively to millennials.

With AICDC, agents first need to capture the prospect’s attention as quickly as possible, followed by generating interest by asking exploratory questions to uncover their primary needs and concerns. The next step is gaining the customer’s conviction, or strong favorable opinion, by offering them testimonials from past clients or exceptional housing price comps.

To build desire, agents should highlight solid housing data numbers, inspiring videos or beautiful open houses that support the claims.

Finally, agents need to ask for the close from the customer in hopes of gaining the client’s favorable “Yes” response.

Source: RISMedia (09/19/22)

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