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Craft a Personal Brand that Sticks

Real estate agents should have a unique personal brand that can follow them if they make any changes during their career.

NEW YORK – Real estate agents should create a consistent and effective personal brand that holds up even if they switch offices.

Three strategies can ensure that the brand follows agents with the transition:

  • First, select meaningful “colors” for content and marketing – ideally ones that have personal significance. Also consider what different colors might mean to future customers. There should be a precise underlying pattern to the palette because colors represent feelings and emotions, and can evoke certain consumer responses.
  • Second, create a personal logo that causes prospective clients to think of the agent whenever they see it.
  • Third, agents should produce customized templates for their social presence. Canva, for example, is one tool agents can use to make this work, and they should import their color palette and logo into it.

All three strategies will help agents concentrate on and find success with self-marketing.

Source: Inman (03/10/23) Berman-Mikel, Michelle

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