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Google Local-Ad Expansion Can Help RE Agents

70 types of service businesses, including real estate agents, can more easily target ads to consumers whose search terms seem to match a Realtor’s services.

NEW YORK – Google expanded its Local Services Ads by introducing a wider and more versatile toolset. This service now allows agents to incorporate advertising products and services whenever someone uses the Google search engine to look for local answers.

Google’s local-ad option now encompasses more than 70 types of service businesses, as well as storefront businesses. As a result, real estate agents have greater ability to advertise their services at the top of Google Search results.

Moreover, the service is cost effective. Its pay-per-click format means agents need pay only if a user contacts them via the local ad.

Google also improved its booking feature. It now gives prospects essential information that works to direct them to the agent’s marketing channel. That info includes detailed data about the real estate agency, reviews or testimonials from past clients, and agency-based photos.

In addition, Google enhanced its booking features by allowing prospective customers to place calls, send messages or book appointments without navigating away from the ad.

Finally, Local Ad Services now features performance tracking, including the ability to listen to call recordings left by prospects.

All the new features are accessible on desktops, Android devices and iOS devices to better help real estate professionals leverage their strengths within specific neighborhoods.

Source: Realty Biz News (03/20/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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