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Popular Marketing Strategy: Broad Match+Audiences

Google Ads’ tools give marketers leeway, and some think combining two of those tools provides the strongest results when marketing online.

NEW YORK – Among real estate agents, a broad match + audiences strategy is increasingly popular for digital marketing. It combines Google Ads’ (formerly Google AdWords) broad match feature with its audience targeting feature.

The broad match feature is a keyword match tool. It displays ads whenever someone searches using a predetermined keyword or a related phrase – and it includes searches with misspellings, synonyms, related searches and other pertinent variants.

Broad match can get an agent increased visibility across a wider range of potential buyers – ones who might not use the exact keywords agents chose for their promotions. It’s targeted to segment audiences according to metrics like demographics, interests and purchasing behavior.

Google Ads helps agents target ads to specific audiences, notably those people most likely to be interested in the offerings.

The combination of the two approaches combines the wide extent of broad match with the precision offered by audience targeting. Many agents think this leads to greater visibility, enhanced relevance and stronger conversion rates.

Source: Realty Biz News (06/06/2023)

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