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Drone with camera flies over traffic in a city
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Drone Photography May Give Agents an Edge

Sellers love drone photography – and by extension, an agent who offers it. If owners are interviewing several RE agents, it could make a difference.

NEW YORK – Aerial photography is a good way to give a broader perspective of a property, writes Realty Times columnist Ashley Sutphin: Listings that include aerial photos close 68% faster than those that don’t, according to research – and 83% of sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses drones for aerial videos.

It can be an edge for any agent competing for a home listing, especially if the competition doesn’t offer it. It also relays the subtle message, “I offer all the most advanced home-selling tools.”

When hiring someone to do aerial photography/video, seek someone with high-level equipment but – just as important – liability insurance because it’s possible a drone can crash.

After finding a good drone professional, schedule ground photos and videos on the same days as the aerial shoot. Note that time of day can be important in how the home looks, and weather can be a problem. A sunny day is a must, but how the sun hits the house at any given time should also be considered. If the sun hits the front of a home in the morning hours, for example, that’s the best time of day for drone photography. In the afternoon, there will probably be too much shadow.

Source: (07/03/23) Sutphin, Ashley

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