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Do-It-Yourself Projects that Add Value

A do-it-yourself home-improvement project reaps rewards at the time of sale, providing it’s done right. Many DIY projects require pros, but some can be handled in-house.

NEW YORK – Improving the value of a residential property is an ongoing project, and for many homeowners, this means sharpening up their DIY (do it yourself) skills, especially when it comes to DIY renovations of the two rooms recognized as having the potential to add value to a home, namely the kitchen and bathroom.

Value adding renovations

According to Zillow, an inexpensive kitchen or bathroom remodel will deliver 70-80% ROI (return on investment), and a major project will deliver about 65% ROI. Experts state that when the time to sell comes, small DIY bathroom and kitchen projects can provide some great images for posting on real estate sites – and motivate action by a potential buyer.

DIY kitchen projects

It’s not necessary to break the bank when doing kitchen renovations. There are a number of DIY projects that can enhance the functionality of your kitchen – and add significantly to the value of your home.

There is, of course, the replacement of faucets and sink fittings, a way to add to the appeal of your home and its value. However, there are also DIY projects that provide more of a challenge – and have a greater impact on the value of your home. An example would be the fitting of a skylight. A skylight can increase the feeling of space in a smaller kitchen – and natural light makes any kitchen task much more pleasant. Replacing kitchen tiling, either backsplashes behind stoves or even the entire floor, are both exceptional kitchen-focused projects that offer great returns on investment.

DIY bathroom projects to add value

One of the simplest bathroom DIY upgrades is also one that adds to the functionality and attractiveness of any bathroom. Upgrading to a larger bathroom mirror adds a feeling of space to any bathroom – and also makes the bathroom more user-friendly. Homeowners should also consider updating the mirror frame, which can increase the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

There is also the option of upgrading your bathroom vanity. Replacing the bathroom vanity need not be an exercise that causes an irate phone call from your bank manager. There are a number of pre-fab bathroom vanity sets available that offer excellent value for the money. If space allows, opt for a two-sink vanity for extra impact on the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Making your home smart

In the realm of home renovations, the concept of smart homes and the integration of artificial intelligence have gained significant popularity. Homeowners are recognize the benefits of incorporating smart devices and appliances into their living spaces. The convenience and efficiency that smart home technology offers has become a driving force behind this trend.

However, one of the challenges faced in this process is the lack of a unified system that seamlessly connects and automates devices from different brands. To fully leverage the advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart homes, a reliable internet connectivity is essential. Therefore, when planning a home renovation, it’s advisable to partner with a trusted internet service provider and select internet-enabled appliances from reputable manufacturers.

By gradually replacing existing appliances with internet-enabled equivalents, homeowners can make the transition to a smart home in a manageable and cost-effective manner, enhancing their living experience and adding value to their property.

Be prepared

As any DIY enthusiast will tell you, the secret to successful home projects is research, motivation, and the right tools. Before you start that bathroom or kitchen mini-remodel make sure that you have done your research on the best ways to ensure that your DIY project is a success – and make sure that you have the right equipment and supplies to make the project a pleasure.

Projects to avoid

It might be tempting to leap feet first into the deep end of the DIY pool – but more complex projects do not always add significantly to the value of your property. Projects such as pools and major landscaping, or remodeling the master bedroom may appear to be attractive at first glance, but they can take up a tremendous amount of time to complete, and the return on investment is simply not as attractive as projects focusing on the bathroom and kitchen.

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