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Grow Your Social Media Presence

Tips to improve your “social” skills? RE agents’ profiles should highlight their best content and have a professional headshot, short bio and uniform color scheme.

NORWALK, Conn. – Real estate agents should incorporate a number of elements into their social media profile to create a standout presence, especially if they wish to appeal to millennial and Gen Z home buyers.

They should include a professional, high-resolution headshot that signals approachability and trustworthiness, and build a consistent brand through a uniform color scheme and profile pictures.

The agent’s biography should be short and concise, reflecting their passion and commitment to real estate. They should also highlight their most prominent content. Material to showcase should include video property tours, client testimonials, and trending audio tracks; visual content to communicate important insights and educational information; optimized titles, captions, and hashtags; and reposted valuable content.

To cultivate meaningful engagement, agents should interact with multiple parties beyond simple likes, including with clients, prospects, and fellow real estate professionals. Also recommended is collaborating with other professionals or complementary businesses for co-branded content, guiding followers with call-to-action statements, and posting consistently.

Source: RISMedia (09/19/23) Brown, Paige

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