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Forewarn Safety App Available Jan. 3

Forewarn, offered free to Florida Realtors members starting tomorrow, is a proactive approach to personal, professional and online safety.  

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Realtors® announced Forewarn – an instant identity verification and risk assessment tool that provides information in seconds – launches tomorrow, Jan. 3, providinag the state’s Realtors with an added level of security when working with buyers and sellers as the new year begins.

Realtors who are new subscribers will receive a welcome email with activation instructions. Members who have subscriptions through their local boards do not need additional activation. For technical support, contact Forewarn at or call 561-757-4551.

Forewarn delivers critical background information on prospective clients before face-to-face interactions. It’s available online and through a mobile app. In addition to verifying a caller’s identity and address, it provides a nationwide criminal history search at the touch of a fingertip. It also uncovers information on property and vehicle records, bankruptcies, liens and judgments. Florida Realtors, the state’s largest professional trade organization, is providing the service for free to its 238,000 members.

Gia Arvin, 2024 president of Florida Realtors, said Forewarn is a “cutting edge service that represents Florida Realtors’ dedication to progress and empowerment.” It provides a level of personal and professional safety not previously available to Florida Realtors.

“Forewarn is a game changer in a profession where safety, efficiency and insight are paramount. It gives Realtors the knowledge they need for more secure transactions, providing a more streamlined experience for agents and clients,” she said.

Forewarn uses advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technology and public data to provide vital information about nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population. Realtors need only a phone number to get information in seconds, avoiding any protracted online records searches.

The company said there are tips and information users should remember:

  • Multiple people can be associated with a single phone number, including family members, relatives and previous owners.
  • If a search by name provides more than 100 results, Forewarn will display “Too many records found” and prompt users to re-run the search using additional information.
  • If a phone number does not provide information on an individual, users are encouraged to gather further data and use the additional search features in the Forewarn app.
  • If “record not found” or “no results found” appears in a search, the phone number isn’t tied to a person and is typically spam or fraudulent.
  • A person’s criminal history, which will appear in yellow, does not necessarily indicate a history of violence. Traffic infractions also appear under the criminal history section.

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