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Protect Trademark Rights in Your Brand

Real estate branding helps you create and grow a recognizable identity. Protect your brand from infringement by registering it as a federal trademark.

IRVING, Texas – Real estate branding is more than slapping a name on the business. It's an opportunity to create and grow a memorable identity that is recognizable and demonstrates to clients that you know the market best.

Once a real estate professional has a brand, they should take steps to protect it from infringement by registering it as a federal trademark. This not only protects the brand, but also ensures the professional is not infringing on another's brand.

Experts suggest naming a real estate firm something other than a leader's name because it provides an easier name to remember in a competitive housing market and can provide opportunities for scale and differentiation.

Using distinct fonts and colors for the brand's visual identity and logo can also make the firm stand out amidst the competition and on social media.

Before applying for a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, real estate professionals will want to research if their name and/or logo has been used by others or is already registered. A trademark attorney could help make this process less cumbersome and time consuming.

With a federal trademark, professionals can easily expand to new geographical markets without concern about the infringement of the brand name, although bringing the brand into other channels of trade could require further research.

Additionally, an established and successful brand, intellectual property, and digital assets are generally considered more transferable than a book of business and can add substantial value.

Source: HousingWire (02/14/24) Palmquist, Troy

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