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Designers Say Skip These Home Decor Trends

Bid farewell to all-white everything and futons. Interior designers say some trends are better left at the curb.

NEW YORK – Your home reflects your style and what resonates with you, which is why the designs, furniture, and decor pieces you choose are so important. There are endless home decor trends that come and go – and while some timeless styles stick with us for years, some are better left in the past.

Say goodbye to these home decor trends that interior designers say you should avoid.

1. Sliding barn doors

The farmhouse design style was all the rage, from shiplap walls and neutral colors to rustic pieces of furniture. Sliding barn doors were a defining element of the interior design style, but today, it's become an outdated trend. Instead, look for sliding doors that are a more classic style.

2. Animal prints

Animal print is an interior design no-no again. The look has come in and out of style, but we're firm believers it should have stayed in the past. Some larger pieces may look tacky and clash with different colors and patterns, but you can incorporate small accents with animal prints for a pop of fun.

3. Faux marble

Kitchens adorned with faux marble were a massive trend a few years ago, but now, real is in, and faux is out. With faux marble, you won't get the same beautiful warmth and smoothness you would from the real deal.

4. All-white everything

The all-white look was one of the most popular trends in interior design. White walls and furniture are difficult to maintain and aren't a practical choice. Cleaning costs can add up quickly.

5. Patterned tile

Patterned tile, whether on the walls or the floor, makes a room pop and is an interior design trend that's been showing up in many homes lately. Unfortunately, there's a high possibility this trend will look outdated in the near future and clash with other design elements. Instead, opt for solid tile colors for a more modern approach.

6. Open shelves

Open shelves look great in photos and on social media, but that's about it. Regular shelves and cabinets are much more practical and aesthetic for your kitchen.

7. Matching furniture

You may think you're creating a cohesive look in your home by buying matching furniture, but you could be doing the opposite. Matching furniture looks too put together and creates an inauthentic and bland atmosphere in a home, so mix things up!

8. Accent walls

This one may surprise you, but a lot of interior designers are over the accent wall trend. There's nothing wrong with adding color to your walls, but if you're choosing a color -- commit to it and paint all of the walls in the room rather than just one wall.

9. Vessel sinks

You've probably seen vessel sinks in hotels or restaurants, as they were a big trend for interior design. However, vessel sinks are impractical because they're difficult to use and clean. They're also a pain to repair, and it's not worth the effort.

10. Futons

A couch and a bed all-in-one piece of furniture sounds like an interior design hack that's hard to beat, but we recommend ditching the futon. Invest in a proper couch that looks good and elevates your living room. Futons are never as stylish and will stick out like a sore thumb in your living room.

11. Expensive coffee table books

We've seen the emergence of expensive home decor books, autobiographies, and fashion books as a viral interior design trend. You place them on top of your coffee table, and voila -- you have a stylish setup. This trend is so exaggerated, and it lacks authenticity. Instead, add books you've read that reflect your style and personality.

12. Wallpaper on one wall

Just like the accent wall, wallpaper on one wall is an outdated trend we wish would disappear. It often looks out of place and unfinished, so if you're planning to use wallpaper, cover each wall in the room for a seamless, uniform style.

13. Mass-produced furniture & decor

Buying furniture that's all from the same place or set is tempting, but it won't do your home any favors. If none of your pieces of furniture have any sentimental value, your home will end up feeling void of personality and soul. Your furniture and decor should reflect your unique personality and sense of style.

14. Words as decor

Does your living room or kitchen really need inspirational quotes or words hanging from the walls or sitting on a shelf? They can look tacky and are unnecessary, especially if you're trying to curate a stylish home. Use these decor elements sparingly, rather than making them the focus.

15. Corner baths

Corner baths are not aesthetic, look awkward, and take up more space than they need to. Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs tells Homes and Gardens, "Corner baths are quite possibly the most unfashionable item you can have in your bathroom." They take up too much space and become a focal point in your bathroom for all the wrong reasons. Instead, opt for a beautiful freestanding tub to add gravitas and luxury to any bathroom.

16. Too much gray

Just like you can have too much white, an overload of gray is a trend to leave behind this year. Too much gray will make your space look gloomy and uninspiring. More and more people are leaning toward incorporating color into their homes to make them feel cozy and welcoming.

17. Bare walls

Bare walls were a trend that supported the minimalist design style, but as we shift away from that style, we're leaving bare walls behind too. Gallery walls have become a rising trend, and incorporating wall art and photos on walls will add an extra layer of depth to your home.

18. Choosing just one style

Farmhouse, coastal, and Scandinavian are all beautiful interior design styles for homes. While you may love a particular design style more than others, it's important not to overdo it and choose just one style for your entire home. Mix and match various design styles and pieces to create a creative home decor style.

19. Maximalism

Maximalism, just like minimalism, can become easily oversaturated in a home. Erica Evensen of Austin's Evensen Design agrees. She tells Southern Living, "I recommend you avoid embracing maximalism... As much as we love layering styles, textures, and curating unique pieces for our clients, design is all about how you edit a space. If you want to embrace this trend, do it in a small space that doesn't dominate your entire home."

20. Ultra-modern

Modern interiors and exteriors are beautiful when done tastefully. Instead of going all in on the modern design look, add a diverse mix of classic pieces with unique modern touches in your home for a look that's defined by more of what you love and not a particular style.

21. Fake fruit

Fake fruit is being traded in for the real thing, and we're not complaining. While they were once used as a trendy decor piece to brighten up a space in the '80s and '90s, fake fruit looks cheap and showy.

22. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds -- need we say more? Not only are these difficult to open, but they're also a trend from the past. Today, you can choose from endless beautiful window coverings that will add elegance and style to your space.

23. Popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were everywhere in the '80s and '90s, but today, a smooth and sleek ceiling is the go-to interior design style everyone loves.

24. Mason jars

The farmhouse design style is defined by a country, rustic, and inviting look, and mason jars are a major part of that style. They were once beloved decor pieces at weddings, parties, and events. Opt for a vintage vase or thrift a one-of-a-kind classic vase that makes a statement.

25. Tons of pine furniture

There's nothing wrong with a bit of pine furniture in your home -- it adds a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Too much pine, on the other hand, will make your interior look like it's from the '90s in an outdated, ancient way.

26. Colorful furniture

Adding pops of color to a home with vibrant furniture can actually make it look unsophisticated. Colin Haentjens, an architect and interior designer, tells Business Insider, "The trend of adding 'pops of color' with furniture and upholstery has actually been around for over a decade. This strategy can give a space a childish feel, especially if the color is primary or too saturated."

27. Shiplap

If you want to create a stylish, modern interior, avoid incorporating shiplap in your home. Shiplap became so popular that it's now a tired trend that's no longer sought after.

28. Tropical palm prints

Tropical palm prints are everywhere, from home decor to parties and events. This trend was once tasteful, but because it's so overdone, it's lost its appeal and lacks character.

29. Carpet in bathrooms

Carpets and bathrooms don't mix. There's nothing wrong with having a bath mat in your bathroom, but having carpet there just doesn't make sense. Style and function are important, and this design fad offers neither.

30. Pastel colors

Remember when pastel colors were the latest trend? While pastel colors have always been a classic interior style, people are now leaning towards bolder pops of color. Adding a splash of color to your home creates a happy, warm, and timeless atmosphere.

31. Terrazzo print

Terrazzo isn't completely out of style, but overusing it is. If you already have a lot of color in your home, it's best to stay away from this print style. It will clash with the colors in your home and makes a space look way too busy.

32. Super minimalistic

There's nothing wrong with adding a bit of minimalism to your home. Simple decor and decluttered spaces are unmatched, but when minimalism is exaggerated, it makes a space look void of character.

33. Electronics above the fireplace

Avoid putting any electronics above the fireplace. Even if there's a mantel above your fireplace, mounting a TV above it will look cluttered and is dangerous too. Any electronics above the fireplace are a fire hazard, so you're best to avoid them there altogether.

34. Living walls

Living walls are made of lined potted plants that create the illusion of living greenery. They will give your home fresher air but aren't a trend we're behind. With green walls comes the potential for insects, allergens, and mold in the home. Although you can avoid this by creating a green wall full of fake plants, this won't look authentic or offer any of the benefits of a living wall. Plenty of other DIY decor ideas inspired by nature will add a serene earthy feel to your home.

32. Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring was once the kitchen and dining room dream, but those days are long gone. Instead of this prehistoric look, opt for something more timeless, like wood or tile flooring.

36. Open floor plan

Open floor plans are losing popularity with interior designers and homeowners. They not only limit privacy in your home, but they're also more difficult to keep clean and maintain. Separate rooms will make your interior more cozy and private.

37. 'Chopped' throw pillows

Looking through home decor videos on social media, it seems like everyone is chopping their throw pillows. Chopped throw pillows give your visitors the impression they shouldn't sit down and that your furniture is for display only, which creates a cold and unwelcoming vibe. Resist the urge to put a crisp dent in each pillow.

38. Fake flowers

Let's face it -- fake flowers are much more convenient and easier to maintain than real flowers, plus they're cheaper. Unfortunately, they're also easy to spot and don't bring that same warmth and beauty that real flowers do.

39. Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern is an interior design style that grew popular from 1945 to 1969 and is defined by simple, classic furniture pieces. Since its revival, the design trend has become so common that it's now overused and too commonplace.

40. Fast furniture

Fast furniture, like fast fashion, is mass-produced and emerges as quickly as it disappears. If you buy fast furniture, chances are, it won't last you very long and will be out of style within a year or two. Instead, invest in quality pieces that will become beloved staples in your home for years.

41. Edison bulbs

You've probably seen these lights hanging from the ceiling in the latest trendy bars and restaurants, but this trend doesn't work as well in homes. You're much better off investing in a beautiful chandelier or light fixture that's made for an interior space.

42. Too much granite

In interior design, there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. Granite looks stunning in kitchens and homes, but overdoing it will only devalue the look that you're going for.

43. Damask wallpaper

Damask wallpaper gives off an ancient look that interior designers no longer love. The wallpaper style was once a popular design element, but it's no longer relevant or trendy.

44. Short curtains

If you're trying to get more natural light into your home, we recommend opening your curtains rather than opting for short curtains. Short curtains look outdated and frumpy, while long curtains that touch the floor are more classic and elegant.

45. Rose gold fixtures

Rose gold had its moment, and while it can still look good in certain settings, we recommend avoiding rose gold fixtures altogether. They look flashy and stick out against other decor pieces in the home.

46. Brass kitchen faucets

This home decor trend will make your kitchen look years older than it is. Brass kitchen faucets are an ancient trend of the past that will degrade the appearance of your home rather than adding to it.

47. Dark-colored lampshades

Lampshades should be bright and serve the purpose of bringing more warm light into your home. When you opt for dark-colored lampshades, the light will often look gloomy, muted, and dark.

48. Random gallery walls

While bare walls are no longer trending, you don't want to add random photos or art to your gallery wall. Gallery walls with random photos look disjointed and impersonal. We recommend adding sentimental photos or artwork that speaks to you for a harmonious finish.

49. Boho decor style

Plants, rattan, and macramé decor were key players in the bohemian interior design movement. Boho decor was everywhere, but now, after a few years, the trend has fizzled and is no longer relevant.

50. Solo nightstand

Having just one nightstand on the side of your bed is an interior design faux pas to be avoided. While it will save you room, it will throw off the balance in your bedroom and create a mismatched look that won't feel complete.

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