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Desiree Avila Florida Realtors Board Certified

Realtor® Désirée Ávila: Passionate About Education

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. –Désirée Ávila knows being a Realtor® is so much more than juggling listings, showing homes and working on transactions.

“For me, real estate is about helping people first and a transaction happens at some point, or it doesn't happen,” she said. “It doesn't really matter. If I can help them and a transaction happens, great. But really, I see it more as helping people with something that's very important to them.

A former educator and doctoral candidate in educational technology, Ávila brings her passion for teaching into her real estate career, focusing not only on making sales but also on informing and assisting her customers through one of the most significant decisions of their lives.

She said, “My education background has helped me tremendously because though I didn't know anything when I earned my license, I knew that I had to become educated in order to be a good agent, a good Realtor.”

Ávila is one of 20 Realtors in the first class of Florida Realtors® Board Certified Professionals, a new endorsement for Realtors who have reached the pinnacle of their profession and fulfilled leadership, education and skill-based achievements over the life of their real estate careers.

The reluctant Realtor

Ávila embarked on her real estate journey in 2015. “I was getting divorced; a single mom and the teacher’s salary just wasn't cutting it as a single parent,” she recalled. “The last thing I thought I would go into would be real estate, but I said, you know, let me keep my eyes open.”

She found the flexibility and potential of the field enticing, as it provided better opportunities for her as a single parent. Despite this new direction being an abrupt shift from her near-completed doctorate, Ávila didn't look back.

Her decision to enter the real estate world was not taken lightly. Ávila saw the value in acquiring knowledge to best serve her clients. She used her background in education to help her navigate the initial struggles of learning the ropes of the industry.

“I feel that I can help to the best of my ability by being a knowledgeable professional. By staying on top of current news, by taking learning opportunities when they come, I can help my clients make informed decisions," said Ávila.

Ávila takes pride in providing comprehensive guidance to buyers and sellers, helping them make informed decisions based on market knowledge. This commitment is especially apparent in her work with elderly clients, who may be overwhelmed by the modern real estate landscape after living in their homes for decades.

"The stories that really stick out are ones when I'm helping the senior generation – who bought their house when things were one way– understand how much has changed today,” she said. “They need somebody who’s going to be patient, who's going to explain everything to them.”

Committed to community

Ávila's commitment to serving her community extends beyond her real estate work. She is the creator and manager of the community blog, “Living in Oakland Park.”

“I literally spent an entire night building out [the beginning of] that blog. Now, it’s grown into this community hub for getting information, for learning about new businesses. It’s such a powerful tool and resource, this great line of communication I have with the city," she explained.

This platform serves as a hub for local information and fosters a strong connection between Ávila and the city where she lives and works. She writes articles, develops and designs the website, and even photographs for the site. Although managing the blog is time-consuming, Ávila sees it as a way to give back to her community and as a marketing tool for her real estate business.

In addition to her Oakland Park blog, Ávila manages several other websites, including a site dedicated to the Brazilian community interested in moving to the United States. These online platforms are another reflection of Ávila's dedication to education and service, providing valuable information for different demographics in multiple languages.

With her background in education and her dedication to serving her community, Ávila brings a depth of knowledge and a commitment to buyers and sellers that sets her apart. She understands that her role as a real estate professional extends far beyond sales – it's about helping people make informed decisions that will impact their lives for years to come.

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